The Three Stooges II

Have you ever wanted to join up with Moe, Curly and Larry of The Three Stooges to make a big push for a lucrative payday? The Three Stooges II offers you this chance with a very simple slot game to pick up and go. Based on the three characters from movie, this slot game has tons of interesting features.

The Three Stooges II is a sequel to the first version released in 2008. It is a simple game based on Real Time Gaming (RTG). It thus offers extra features more than that you would expect. The players have a chance to land on one of the three progressive jackpots. There are three bonus rounds which offer a shortcut for a hefty payout.

In this slot game, Moe, Curly and Larry are relying on you to drive them through the Stooges Studio in their vintage car to make sure that they arrive on time for a late video shoot. Apart from this, you can find some symbols that include cherries, lemons and movie clapperboards. It offers a simple slot machine playing, you only have to pick your coin denomination, press spin and start the game.

With three reels and dozens of game symbols, the second version of The Three Stooges is made to fit perfectly on your smartphone or tablet and have a good display. There is also a lot of gaming around the central game board.

The Three Stooges II Features

The Three Stooges II slots special features are centered on its main characters; these include Moe, Curly and Larry’s unique feature.

Larry’s Feature: Larry has a Slash feature, this feature is triggered by matching three of Larry’s symbols. It combines free spins and has multipliers. For instance, the highest free spin of 20 has 7 multipliers.

Moe’s feature: Moe’s feature is the Moolah feature; you have to match three of Moe’s symbols across its reels in a spin. Out of other bonus features, this feature has the most value. It comes with six different levels which are achievable and indicated on the prize meter. It has the highest number of free spins and the highest number of multipliers.

Curly’s Feature: Curly’s feature is known as the Cashola, this feature will award you with nine extra three spins and a 2X multiplier. It is triggered when Curly appears across the payline.

Win-Win feature: Another interesting feature with this slot machine is its win-win feature. It is an additional bonus game that becomes active when the total wins during a game is about 10X less than the triggering bet. The lesser you win, the higher the win-win prize.

The Three Stooges II Jackpots

The Three Stooges II features a progressive jackpot. The symbols with the highest payout are the Stooges Studios entrance symbols, they award 50 coins if three coins match, but award 450 credits when two Wilds substitute the said combination.

The Three Stooges Jackpot is usually won when three Poster Wilds occur within the game’s three active pay lines. Similarly, Major and Minor jackpots are usually awarded at the end of any real money spin. You can therefore win such a progressive payout by having 5 Three Stooges symbols within 1 of the whole 25 pay lines.
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The Three Stooges II Payouts

Two matching symbols in a payline will be required for a payout. Larry, Moe and Curly will also award payouts for three mixed icons. Six different symbols are available for a standard payout. For instance, by having 3 hats you will get to win 5 credits, if you have 2 film reels you will win 2 credits.

These payouts are tripled if 1 wild is in a winning combination; they are multiplied by 9 if two wilds are in a winning combination. If you therefore have 3 hats, you will get to win 5 credits, however with an additional wild symbol you will actually get 15 credits.

The Three Stooges II Betting Ranges

The three stooges slot machine allows you to play exactly 3 lines, with betting amounts raging from $0.10 per line to $5 per line. So the minimum you can bet is 30 cents, and the maximum is $15.

The Three Stooges II Final Review

For fans of The Three Stooges, this slot machine is a clear must. The sequel employs better features from the first. Its progressive jackpots round off nicely and if you prefer free spins over any other feature, then this slot is going to be a good pick for you.

Play The Three Stooges II Video Slot Online

The Three Stooges II

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