Fishing With Buddies

Fishing with Buddies is a slot machine game with twenty pay lines from Playtech that can be played by even the most inexperienced of players. With fast paced action and the ability to play with multiple coins this game is great for a variety of players. Also included is a bonus round, Fishing with Buddies random bonus round, scatters, and wild symbols. This fast paced slot game can be played with multiple players also for even more fun. If you love online slots and want to play with your friends for even more excitement then this game could be the perfect fit for you. With the ability to bet up to five dollars per spin or as little as five cents you can easily keep a watchful eye on your spending as well.

Fishing with Buddies from Playtech is a real time slot machine that will have you reeling n the fish and the cash even if you don’t have hours of time to spend with the game. If you’re looking to rake in a big pay out then pay close attention and watch out for the random bonus rounds as well. A wild symbol could also increase your earnings a great deal too. Play with your friends as well for even more excitement within the game as you bid with multiple coins for big payouts.

Fishing With Buddies Features

When you play this slot machine you can bid with various coins and bid for many different amounts of up to one hundred and twenty five dollars. Play with multiple players and enjoy the bonus rounds and scatter to further increase your payouts. With a wild symbol you also have another to further increase your winnings if you like. A random bonus round is featured as well where you can reel in various fish to increase your overall winnings in addition to your other payouts.

Fishing With Buddies Jackpots

the jackpot in this game is excellent. With a maximum winning amount of up to ten thousand you could be a big winner in an instant. With the payouts and bonus rounds your winnings could really add up. If you want to bet low, don’t worry you can still win big. Play this game and watch the cash roll in for you and your friends while you enjoy the easy play. The wild symbol can also help you to increase your winnings as well, so keep this in mind as you play.
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Fishing With Buddies Payouts

Enjoy playing each round with your on screen presence shown by a bear fishing for the little fish that will bring the big payouts. With random bonus rounds and a second bonus round featuring three gold fish for even more cash, you could clean up in this game quick. The maximum jackpot for the game is ten thousand dollars and there are some other great payouts to. Payout can be increased by using the wild and scatter symbols for even more cash. Simply place your bid and spin away to see how big your payout could be.

Fishing With Buddies Betting Ranges

Betting can be done with multiple coins for an exciting betting experience that few games can match. When you’re betting you have the option to choose between five cents and five dollars for your single bet amount. Although, one hundred and twenty five dollars is the maximum amount that you can bid in this game. Betting is a simple process and even beginners will be able to easily control their cash flow during play. A lower bidding amount may also be helpful to avoid breaking the bank during this fast paced slots game.

Fishing With Buddies Final Review

As a whole Fishing with Buddies is a great way to enjoy internet slots and play online with your friends. Play quickly through the rounds to earn big payouts and advance through the random bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are a great way to enhance your payouts too and you never know when they are coming. This game is great for experienced players and beginners alike. With a low beginning bid amount you can easily control your cash flow throughout play too. Bid from five cents to five dollars with a maximum bidding amount of one hundred and twenty five dollars for easy playing at a moment’s notice. Play alone or enjoy this game with your friends as well. If you hit the jackpot you could win up to ten thousand dollars in one quick shot.

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Fishing With Buddies

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