Pirate Slots

In this article I’m going to list all of the pirates slots available online.

And I’m going to do it while trying my best not to use any pirate puns.

Seriously – I can’t be the only one sick of pirate puns can I? I mean I know I’m just a robot but man – pirate puns are the absolute worst.

So first of all here’s a list of pirates slots available online:

Even though Caribbean Gold doesn’t offer the most unique playing experiences in terms of the way the game looks and sounds, it is still an extremely fun ride. With the exciting and high-paying bonus features along with the progressive approach...
Barbary Coast is a really enjoyable online slot from Betsoft and it is worth that you check it out. It is designed to a high standard and the bonus features seem to be activated regularly...
Pirate Plunder features a great theme and a variety of ways to make a win. There are special features such as Treasure Island, Wilds and Scatters that reward you with big payouts. If you love Pirate-themed slot, it is important...
The true view of this wonderful video slot game will help you in handling adventures professionally and quickly. The Wild and Scatter will help you to acquire free spins and earn more cash. It is one of the best slot...
If you are ready to sail and claim an ancient treasure, Artic Fortune is the right game for you. It is one of the enjoyable and rewarding slot games that worth a try. The fact that it offers 1000 ways...
In a nutshell, the Pirate slots is one of the coolest pirates slots machine to play out there. Designed for the sea lover, the pirate fan or the player who wants to have some fun searching for treasure, it is...
This game offers a wonderful and fun adventure for the players and can be controlled very easily. For example, the pirate ship is very realistic, the colourful graphics are great, as well as the sounds. Above all, this online slot...
Age of Discovery is a fine slot machine. It is evidently, very enjoyable to play, and people return back to their lives with memories of pure bliss after playing this beautiful game. Go ahead and press the maximum bet....
Captains Treasure Pro presents the players with a simple interface making the game simple. It is a fun game that allows you to make money while at it. It is not very unique. The game is the same as Novomatic's...

For each pirate slot machine listed above you can click on each one to get more details about them. We provide a review of all of the pirate slot machines available online.

We list a wide variety of pirate slot machine ranging from ones that are clearly 100% about pirates such as Pirates Gold to ones that simply feature pirates in some way or have a bit of plundering and treasure hunting to them, such as Arctic Fortune.

Best Pirate Slot Machine Online:

One thing this ol slots robot notices is that people seem to search for Pirate Slots on here using my system above but then open them all in a new tab. Oh yes that’s right – I track everything!

The ones they play seem to vary too so that suggests to me that people aren’t too sure what pirate slot is best.

So I’m going to tell you the best pirate slot online in my opinion:

It’s Ghost Pirates.

Ghost Pirates is a really cool pirate slot and one that I feel is the best slot machine online for pirate slots.

As you can tell by the name of the slot it’s a combination of ghosts and pirates. It runs on the Net Entertainment software and offers up 243 Paylines. What that usually means is you’re going to be winning a lot quantity wise at this slot. That’s always fun.

Ghost Pirates also offers various jackpots which you can win via many different means. It can be activated in 3 ways, 9 ways, 27 ways and 81 ways.

The rewards from the jacpots depend but you get free spins like crazy from this slot – that’s something I’ve always thought is good about a slot – when they just keep giving you free spins.

Along with free spints ghost pirates also offers both scatter features and wild features within the game. These come up variously often and offer multipliers as well and free spins.

The slot itself – it’s so vibrant and fun and the graphics are excellent. One of the best pirate slots online especially from an entertainment perspective.

Another really fun slot machine in the pirate slots genre is Barbary Coast.

Barbary Coast is a 5 reel 30 payline slot by Betsoft. Betsoft are one of the best when it comes to online slots and this is a 3D slot machine as well.

It has multiple features such as the Parrot Free Spins and the Cannon Wild. It then has the Ben Sawyer Scatter Symbols and a cool bonus game where you get to fight freaking Blackbeard!

There’s no progressive jackpot but it’s still got a fixed jackpot which pays dependent on the quantity of lines you bet.