Music Slots

This our list of music slots that you can currently play online.

We keep a list of all of the online music slots that you can play on this page.

Here is the list of music slots:

Overall, Elvis The King Lives is a very nice and fun slot machine that you will definitely enjoy playing. It has a lot of similarities to other WMS slots, so you will not have a hard time acquainting yourself with...
Apart from being exceedingly entertaining, the Kiss slot bank reviews offer the players a huge potential to win big especially in the free spin feature. The colossal reel feature can be a little bit confusing, but once you get used...
Guns N Roses is one of NetEnt’s greatest slots machine. Apart from the splendid graphics, the game has a smooth gameplay, offers players 8 distinctive slots bonuses and has a huge jackpot. ...
If you are looking for an easy, fun and engaging game with plenty of wilds then Disco Spins is the game for you. The wilds make the game exciting and provide players with a real chance of winning. Getting to...
Karaoke Star offers a simple gameplay, an interesting theme and awesome special features to keep every player spinning the reels. It offers you 94.95 percent Return to Player (RTP). It comes with great graphics and it will not disappoint you...
Rock N Roller is an exciting slot machine that can be a really great game for fun as well as pursuit for real money slot jackpots. The classic feel to it is matched by the excellent sound effects to...

For a complete review of any of the above slots, all you have to do is click on them to get a full review written by one of our slot experts. You’ll also find details on the amount you can play for as well as whether the game offers free play or requires real money.

Some of these music slots have big licensing fees attached to them that the software company has to pay to offer the slot. In some rare cases, they don’t allow these slots to be played for free because of the aforementioned fee and the costs to them for using a big nae rock band or artist. For the most part, these slots are available to try free but we felt it was important to put in this disclaimer.

Fans of music love the slots that we offer so whether you’re a fan of the KISS slot or something more classic like the Elvis slot – we have you covered. As more music acts get their slots, we are adding them right here to this page as soon as they are making them.

Best Music Slot

The best music slot out there may vary by taste as the type of music you like can vary a lot by what type of music slot you will enjoy the most. That said, one of our favorite slots out there – no matter what the genre – is the Guns N Roses slot. Much like the band itself, this slot rocks.

This slot has some of the smoothest gameplay out there, incredible animations and bonus games, but best of all: a great soundtrack. This slot features classic Guns N Roses music as well as animations featuring all of the classic members of the band including Axl Rose and Slash.

Guns N Roses is one of the most popular slots out there because of all that, but also because of the awesome Legend Spins. This great features turns some of the reels into Stacked Wild reels and that can really lead to some big spins. There is also a Crowd Pleasure bonus game that is a ton of fun.

List of Rock n Roll Slots

We attempt to list all genres of music slots right here, especially the rock n roll slots as they are some of our most popular. Bands like Guns N Roses and KISS have their own slots which are some of the very best in the marketplace right now. We keep all of these listed together though because even though you might not be a fan of disco music, you’re likely to be a fan of Disco Spins as it is a great slot.

If you are looking for a specific software or amount of reels with your music slot, we can help you there too. Just go to the top of this page and use the SlotsBuddy. Click the “Software” tab and pick your favorite software, click the “Reels” tab and select your desired amount of reels and then pick your favorite “Theme” under that tab and click submit. The SlotsBuddy will do the rest.

New Music Slots

Whether it’s a rock band, rap group, EDM or any other type of music slot, we’ll be adding that right here as soon as the slot is released. We know that fans love the music slots so we get emails from the online casinos informing us as soon as they add a new music slot. We then get it listed here and have one of our experts review it. That’s what SlotsBuddy can do for you.

While you wait for the next great music slot, play the Guns N Roses slot. You’ll be singing Sweet Child O’ Mine as you spin the reels over and over.