Cowboy & Western Slots

This is our list of cowboy/western slots that are available to play online.

We keep a list of all the western slots right here on this page.

Here is the list of cowboy slots:

Great 3D graphics, wide betting range of 0.15 to 150, high bonus of 300,000 are some amazing features of steam tower. Others positives include exciting adventure, high chances of getting free spins, and high payout of 97%. This is possibly...
This video slot offers a wide variety of symbols that are very well designed and offer big payouts. When you win, you win big, and that's a statement that only a few of the available video slot games can claim....
It is no secret that the True Sheriff slot is a breath-taking and highly engaging game, It pays out often and keeps you entertained. The cinematic 3D video slot is a pretty action packed slot that comes with very exciting...
The buckling boots, the dusty atmosphere and the empty saloons make you feel like you have literally entered a time machine. This is one of those games that allows you the joy of multitasking. You can enjoy the graphics, the...

These are our cowboys/western slots, if you click on any of the above slots it will take you to a review written by one of our slots experts. They will also tell you whether or not you can play the slots listed for real money or if they also allow free play without a deposit.

Most of the slots we keep listed on SlotsBuddy allow for players to try before they buy so to speak. However, there are a few slots that require a deposit to play. This is because these slots are licensed by the software company who have paid a large sum for the rights to use characters or likenesses. In these select few cases, they will only allow real money play.

That said, if you are looking for slots that cover the Wild, Wild West with gunslingers, outlaws and cowboys? You have come ot the right place as we have you covered right here. We are always updating our list so if you don’t see the cowboy slot that fits your needs, come on back and we’ll be sure to add every new one that comes out.

Best Cowboys/Western Slot

There are some really great cowboy slots out there and all of them are a ton of fun to play. If you’re looking for the best cowboy slot though, I don’t think you can do much better than Steam Tower. This slot is a ton of fun with a great payout.

While not set in the Old West, this one actually takes place in the 19th century British industrial revolution which is a pretty unique setting for a slot. The 3D graphics are very nice and it really gives you an old-timey feel.

A nice thing about this NetENT slot is the wide betting range as you can bet as little as 0.15 all the way up to 150. There is a really nice payout on this one of 97% which should keep you playing for hours.

List of Cowboys Slots

Along with all of the Western slots machines that we offer, we also list all of the cowboys slots above as well – both for free play and real money. We like to keep all of the cowboys slots listed with all of the Western, old-timey slots in the same place because we find the genres really compiment each other and fit fans of both.

If you would like to find a specific software to play cowboy slots, just use our SlotsBuddy system up at the top. Simply use the “Software” tab at the top to pick your favorite slots software and then select “Cowboys/Western” from the “Theme” tab and you will find a full list of slots with that specific software.

New Cowboys/Western Slots

We are keeping this list of slots updated at all times. The cowboys/western genre is a popular one so we are having to constantly update this page with whatever the last cowboys slot or western slot is becoming available. Always check back here periodically for the latest slots that SlotsBuddy can offer.
Until then, why not check out Wanted: Dead or Alive? This slot has a real “Young Guns” kind of feel and is a lot of fun to play.