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Are you tired of searching something like “play online slots” or “where to play slots online” and getting just massive lists of slots with no idea what their features are? We are, which is why we created Slots Buddy.

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For example – maybe you’re someone who is loyal to specific software? Maybe you like Microgaming slots? Well then you simply click the “Software” tab, select “Microgaming” then “Submit” and it will automatically list all of the Microgaming slots you can play online for free.

What if you want to dig deeper? What if you want a Microgaming slot which has 3 Paylines, offers a Fixed Jackpot AND has a Pirates theme? Well bloody hell you can do that with Slots Buddy! Just select all the options in the boxes above and hit Submit and if there’s a match it will list them for you. If there isn’t an exact match it will display the closest possible matches to what you want.

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Like we said it’s a very easy process to find online slots with our engine above.

You can spend some time looking through what we have to offer. We’ve spent time researching online slots and coming up with the biggest possible section for you to find online slots. We didn’t break it into TOO many categories though – for example for a full list of Christmas Slots or a full list of Halloween slots, you’d look under our Holiday slots list.

We do study all of the searches you do however and what you click on to see if we should separate it to make it easier for you to find online slots that you’re looking for. For example if a large majority of people click to see all sports slots then they click on hockey slots we’ll be sure to make a separate list of hockey slots to help you find hockey slots. That sort of thing.

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